Well That Didn’t Work: The Brood Break Their Silence


Jamie Lithgow

While few would rank The Brood alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, Degeneration-X or The Rock as pillars of the Attitude Era, it is probably fair to say that the trio are still fondly remembered as a popular low/mid-card act.

Given that they never had a prolonged feud, were never clearly defined as babyfaces or heels and never spoke, it is remarkable that anyone remembers them at all. But remember them some people, including myself, do… and fondly. However, one thing probably best forgotten by Brood fans is the pilot episode of Smackdown! on which they cut their first, and last, promo. Continue reading

Well That Didn’t Work: WWF in 1995

Craig Wilson

The week’s Raw is rightly considered one of the worst in a long time. A result of short term booking decisions coming back to haunt the creative department and fans not buying into what is being offered. The problems facing the WWE at the moment, however, pale in comparison to those that faced the company some 20 years ago

20 years on from 1995 – arguably the worst year in WWF history – Craig looks back at the events that shaped that year in the latest ‘Well That Didn’t Work‘. Continue reading