Merchandise Lost: Pro Wrestling’s Forgotten Items


Brian Damage

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

…Or so they say! Professional wrestling is entertainment….but it is also a business. Over the years, promoters would find out that there was more to this business than just filling seats in an arena. There was money to be made in other ventures related to their product in a wrestling ring. Whether it was shirts, hats, video games or even those little circular cardboard pictures called pogs….money could be made elsewhere. Today we look at some of the more random pieces of wrestling merch. Continue reading

The Legion of Gloom: The WWF’s Tinkering of Monsters to Mannequins


Brian Damage

When you talk about the greatest tag teams of all time…you’d be hard pressed not to mention the Road Warriors in that discussion. Hawk and Animal dominated the tag team ranks consistently wherever they traveled to. They won several regional titles, a Crockett Cup as well as the only team to win the AWA, WCW and WWF tag team belts in pro wrestling history.
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