Mind The Logic Gap: The Outlaw Rule

Jamie Lithgow

The world of wrestling is a place often bereft of logic: Why would two (or more) performers conduct business or personal discussions in the middle of a large arena full of strangers? Why are supposedly skilled referees so easily distracted from their job? Why are wrestlers that are capable of breath-taking athletic displays so bad at climbing ladders? These gaps in logic will, for now at least, remain unfilled. However, today we shine the spotlight on one such gap that has since been closed as we take a look at The Outlaw Rule. Continue reading

Fictionary: Wrestling’s Honorable and Dishonorable Terms


Brian Damage

To make it as a pro wrestler is hard. To become a championship caliber wrestler is even harder. And then there are those few wrestlers and wrestling personalities that leave such an indelible mark…they are honored forver. No, I am not talking about the Hall of Fame, but wrestling terminologies that reference particular wrestlers. Here are a few of those wrestling terms that I speak of…. Continue reading