Breaking The Monopoly: Are We Witnessing A Wrestling Resurgence?


Brian Damage

Ever since the WWE went into a national and then a global expansion beginning in the 1980’s, we have seen professional wrestling go through many cataclysmic changes. We’ve seen the territorial system get wiped out, we’ve seen Jim Crockett Promotions wave the white flag and sell to Ted Turner. We have witnessed the once proud AWA fall…as well as ECW and eventually WCW.
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As NOT Seen On TV: The XWF

Brian Damage

Former WCW commentator and radio host Mark Madden said it best, “You know how to make a small fortune in wrestling? Start out with a large fortune.”

With that said, in the early 2000’s, the wrestling landscape had drastically changed. The WWE had just bought out both ECW and WCW….The AWA was long gone….The territories were all dried up and TNA was still a twinkle in the Jarrett family’s eyes. Wrestling fans no longer had an alternative to the monopoly that became the WWE. Continue reading