History of WrestleMania


WrestleMania is the annual spectacular that draws more eyes onto the world of wrestling than any other event. With that in mind we thought it would be useful to have all our WrestleMania coverage in one place.

Below you will find all articles specific to a particular event as well as pieces, such as Top Fives, that cover several different ones.

Articles by specific WrestleMania:

WrestleMania 1WrestleMania: Moments That Changed Wrestling History: WrestleManiaBack Where It All Began30 Years Ago: WrestleMania 1;
WrestleMania 2: ‘Well That Didn’t Work: WrestleMania 2’; The Fall of King Kong Bundy;
WrestleMania 3: The Sad Demise of the Pontiac Silverdome;
WrestleMania 4: Bad Event, Good Memories;
WrestleMania 5: On This Day in Wrestling History: WrestleMania 5; The Real Implosion of the Mega Powers;
WrestleMania 6 Ultimate Warrior Hulk HoganWrestleMania 6: Good Event, Bad Memories: WrestleMania VI
WrestleMania 7: Underrated WrestleManiasThe WrestleMania That Never Was; Matches from History: Macho King vs. Ultimate Warrior;
WrestleMania 8: Overrated WrestleManiasWrestleMania 8 Review;
WrestleMania 9WrestleMania 9: Just How Bad Was WrestleMania 9?; WrestleMania Wrewind;
WrestleMania 10: Matches From History: Bret Hart vs Owen Hart;
WrestleMania 11: Was WrestleMania XI The Worst Ever?;
WrestleMania 12 Triple H Ultimate WarriorWrestleMania 12: Missed Wrestling Opportunities: Vader vs. Yokozuna in the WWF;
WrestleMania 13: The Importance of WrestleMania XIII;
WrestleMania 14: WrestleMania 14: The One Where Vince Found What he was Looking forMatches from History: WWF Champion Shawn Michaels v Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestlemania 14;
WrestleMania 15:
WrestleMania 16: Matches from History: TLC;
WrestleMania 17: The Best Ever?;
WrestleMania 18 Hulk Hogan The RockWrestleMania 18: Matches from History: The Rock vs Hulk Hogan;
WrestleMania 19:
WrestleMania 20: On This Day in Wrestling History: WrestleMania XX;
WrestleMania 21:
WrestleMania 22: WrestleMania 10 Years Ago: A Look Back at WrestleMania 22;
WrestleMania 23:
WrestleMania-24-Ric-Flair-Nature-Bo_crop_northWrestleMania 24:
WrestleMania 25: Matches From History: HBK vs. The Undertaker;
WrestleMania 26:
WrestleMania 27: The Miz: The Most Must See Fall From Grace In WWE History!;
WrestleMania 28: The Rock vs John Cena – Whose Side Are you On?WrestleMania 28 Review – Veterans Night;
WrestleMania 29: Sunday Sermon: Booking WrestleMania 29Predictions; Last Minute Thoughts; What WrestleMania 29 Taught UsWrestleMania 29: The Hits & The Misses;
WrestleMania 30: WrestleMania 30 Preview; Another WrestleMania 30 Preview;
WrestleMania 31WrestleMania 31: WrestleMania 31 Preview & Predictions; Did WrestleMania 31 Exceed Expectations?;
WrestleMania 32: Looking ahead to WrestleMania 32; The Road to WrestleMania 32; Sunday Sermon: Is The WWE Getting Excited About WrestleMania 32?; What Match is Going on Last?

Non-WrestleMania specific pieces

Top Five WrestleMania main events
Top Five Worst WrestleMania moments
Sunday Sermon: Ultimate Worst WrestleMania Card
Sunday Sermon: Ultimate WrestleMania Card
Top Ten WrestleMania Performers Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
The Undertaker WrestleManiaTop Five WrestleMania Matches
Crossfire: Is Wrestlemania truly great or just an over-hyped, overblown spectacle?
The Wrestlemania Before Wrestlemania: Starrcade
The Other WrestleMania Streek: Tito Santana’s Losing One
Crossfire: Is it time for Undertaker to say farewell after Wrestlemania 30?
For Whom The Bell Tolls: The Last Ride Of The Undertaker’s “Streak”
Sunday Sermon: The Streak