Top Five Unsung Stars of the Attitude Era

John Carberry, Benjamin Trecroci, Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

One of the most popular topics on this blog is, unsurprisingly, the Attitude Era. While the heroics of the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker and co are well documented. In today’s Top Five we wanted to take a look at some of the more unsung performers from that time period. Continue reading


Top Five: Gimmick Changes

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Russ Morgan

A gimmick is very often the making or breaking of a performer. A gimmick such as that of The Undertaker can help a wrestler become a hero to millions while being saddled with one that involves being a ballroom dancer is less likely to have the longevity. In today’s Top Five Craig, Brian and Russ share their favourite gimmick changes that helped create a superstar. Continue reading