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Jamie Lithgow

A little piece of history Image courtesy of

A little piece of history
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This week WWE announced that they will be releasing a Raw 20th Anniversary Collection box set just in time for Christmas, in the states at least. It sounds like it will be a beast of a box set as it boasts 20 complete episodes from the show’s history. All sounds pretty cool, until you think about the inclusion of the word “complete” in the synopsis. Complete to me implies no editing, just the full original footage. WWE have reached agreements which allows them to use their old WWF logo, that’s not a problem anymore. However, what is that one other thing WWE have been in the habit of editing out of past material? Yes, Chris Benoit.

The full episode list has not been revealed yet, but one quick look at those mentioned in the synopsis will tell you that Chris Benoit did indeed compete on at least one of those broadcasts. I’ve not checked every episode, but the March 26th 2001 episode (the Raw/Nitro simulcast) features Benoit vs. Kurt Angle in the first match on the card. So, are WWE softening their stance on Benoit’s inclusion in DVD retrospectives, or should there be an asterisk next the word “complete”? Continue reading