FACT Check: All The Pro Wrestling Facts, Stats, Trivia and Tidbits in One Convenient Post.

Brian Damage

Here we are with the latest round of pro wrestling facts, stats, trivia and tidbits. Some of these facts may be common knowledge to some of you, while to others it is all new and fresh. either way, enjoy as we look at some facts about the business we all love or love to hate. So let’s get this party started and let’s learn…. Continue reading

FACTSimile: More of the Wrestling Facts You Want and Less of the Wrestling Facts You Don’t….

Welcome back one and all to another wonderful edition of useless wrestling facts! We here on the blog strive to give you more facts than ever before. Regardless if you need them or not. You may know some of the facts or even all of them. Either way they are just for fun and to perhaps enlighten a few that may not know these gems. So without any further adieu….Let’s Learn! Continue reading