The Extreme Cold: Steve Austin’s Very Brief Stay in ECW

Brian Damage

For all of its faults during its existence, Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) was for many wrestlers…a last chance to redeem a fallen career. Many referred to ECW as “the land of misfit toys,” a place where wrestlers who were mostly considered used up and/or unwanted to continue to ply their trade. Such was the case for Steve Austin, who in 1995, was all but tossed aside by WCW because he was injured.

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Lesser Known Paul Heyman Guys (and Gal)


Craig Wilson

In June 2011, CM Punk identified himself as a “Paul Heyman guy” – a phrase that has since spawned a WWE t-shirt. During his career, Heyman has wrestled various superstars who can all lay claim to having been a ‘Heyman guy (and gal). Today we look at some of the less well remembered, or known, superstars that performed under the tutelage of the former ECW owner. Continue reading

Top Five Years in Wrestling

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In today’s Top Five Craig, Jamie and Brian share their favourite years in the history of wrestling and the promotion that made that year stand-out. So, whether it was the NWA/WCW during the 80s, the WWF during the Hogna years or the wrestling world during the late 90s, it’s all here. Continue reading