Extreme Makeover: Philadelphia Edition


Brian Damage

If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again…or just give them to Paul Heyman.

By now, we are all aware of Heyman’s successes and failures with Extreme Championship Wrestling AKA ECW. He took a small independent promotion and took it to heights never imagined. The aura of ECW still resonates today with many die hard fans. It was, at one time…the gold standard in booking a wrestling show. Continue reading

Barbed Wire City review

Craig Wilson

(pic courtesy of barbedwirecity.com)

(pic courtesy of barbedwirecity.com)

On 4 April 2001, Extreme Championship Wrestling closed its doors for the final time. Paul Heyman’s troupe of performers had finally run out of both time and money.

Although remembered as a hardcore organisation, there was much more to the promotion than that. After all, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Christ Jericho all got their breaks there and they also showcased lucha libre stars long before WCW saw it as a good way to fill the time on a Nitro broadcast.

Success came at a cost with ECW being the first real victim of the Monday Night Wars with both WWF and WCW raiding them of their better talkers and workings leaving a rump of less talented workers that relied largely on blading, hardcore wrestling and weapons to incite a reaction from the crowd. By that point, though, it was merely a matter of time for the organisation that started out as Eastern Championship Wrestling. Continue reading