Top Five WCW Mistakes

Brian Gravagna, Benjamin Trecroci and Jamie Lithgow

It’s quite remarkable, when you think about it, that after all this time talking about wrestling – since 2012, in fact – and all the Top Five articles since then, we’ve never looked at the Top Five WCW mistakes. What a topic and what a wealth of options available. So let’s go. Continue reading


Top Five Debuts
Brian Damage, Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow and Russ Morgan.

Wrestling history is littered with debuts that stay long in the memory of wrestling fans. Whether it’s the countdown to Chris Jericho appearing on Raw, Scott Hall walking through the crowd and into the ring on Nitro or the eventual appearance of the “real world champion” Ric Flair in the WWF, these are moments that wrestling fans won’t forget.

Today on the blog Brian, Craig, Jamie and Russ name their Top Five wrestling debuts. Continue reading