Remember When… The WWE Presented T.A.F.K.A Goldust in 1997

Craig Wilson

We return with a ‘Remember When?‘ piece, going back to the end of 1997 when Goldust dropped the golden part of his ring attire and became ‘T.A.F.K.A Goldust, to somewhat mixed reviews… Continue reading


Top Five Superstars Most In Need of a Change of Fortune

Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson and Benjamin Trecroci

Ah, a Top Five. We haven’t seen one of you guys in a little while. What better way to bring it back and at the start of a new year then looking at wrestlers who we hope see have a sharp change in fortunes over the next 12 months. Continue reading

Top Five Worst Wrestling Attires

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Jamie Lithgow

There’s no doubt that ‘having the look’ can make it a lot easier to get over in the world of wrestling. That can be everything from a wrestler’s appearance right through to their ring attire. In today’s Top Five, we look at guys, and girls, not blessed when it came to what they were being asked to wrestle in.
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