Truly The Greatest Night In The History Of Our Sport: The Tony Schiavone Heel Turn in TNA

Brian Damage

Wrestling fans are or should be, very familiar with the name Tony Schiavone. Tony has been a backstage interviewer and play by play commentator for Jim Crockett Promotions, WCW and even briefly for the WWF. He (as of this writing) now is a major part of All Elite Wrestling’s broadcast team and behind the scenes executive. While Schiavone holds an impressive resume in the professional wrestling industry, there are those who might not remember his extremely brief stint in TNA wrestling in 2003. Some would like to forget this happened, including Tony Schiavone himself.

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Hair Raising Tales: Stories Behind Some Infamous Head Shaving Moments in Wrestling

Brian Damage

One of the classic storylines in pro wrestling history, has to deal with hair. Many wrestlers throughout the years have had glorious heads of hair. Some have used their follicles to advance storylines and in many cases…their very own careers. Hair versus hair, hair versus mask and/or hair versus career matches have had a place in wrestling for a very long time. These type of specialty matches were popularized in Mexico starting in 1940 when the first luchas de apuestas (“matches with wagers”) took place between luchadors Octavio and Murcielago in a hair vs mask match. There have been countless matches with hair being put on the line ever since.

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Mount Rushmore of Wrestling: Heels

Padraic Toolan, Lowlife Louie Ramos and Brian Damage

This week’s Mount Rushmore will be the top heels of all time. Remember, you can only choose your top four greatest heels of all time to be on the mountain. So who do you have as the greatest heels ever? The ones that made you boo, jeer, pay to see get beat up etc, etc. These are all personal choices so let’s see what you can come up with. Continue reading

Blunder Down Under: A Look At The World Wrestling All Stars

Brian Damage

In 2001, pro wrestling was in a very serious rut. The once red hot industry of the mid 1990’s had lost plenty of steam and was in a downturn as covered here. Promotions like ECW and WCW had folded and thus, made Vince McMahon and WWE the only real game in town. It was the downfall of these groups that led a host of wannabe promoters to try and form their own wrestling organizations to be an alternative to Vince’s sports entertainment monopoly. Continue reading

Top Five Worst Members of the nWo

Tom Casola, Padraic Toolan and Brian Damage

WWE announced that the New World Order will be inducted into the its Hall of Fame in 2020. While Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were the top members of the nWo…who were the top five WORST members of the faction? Considering there were about half of WCW’s roster that were NWO members at one time or another…there are plenty to choose from. Continue reading

Remembering WCW’s Last Big Idea….The Magnificent Seven

Throughout the years that World Championship Wrestling had been in business, there had been many storylines revolving around powerful factions. We can start with the Four Horsemen and work our way down to the likes of the Dangerous Alliance, The Dungeon of Doom, the New World Order, the Natural Born Thrillers and the New Blood. All had varying amounts of success and failures. It seems that most of the history of WCW involved an evil group of wrestlers wanting to take control of the company. Continue reading