The Devil Went Down to Georgia: How Deep South Was Deep Sixed

Brian Damage

If any of you are sports fans, in particular the NFL, you may recall how the Baltimore Colts packed up moving trucks in the middle of the night and moved to Indianapolis back in 1984. It left many fans in shock because it was so sudden and unexpected. The closest comparison in the world of wrestling involved a WWE developmental territory called Deep South Wrestling. It happened in the evening, was sudden and moving trucks were used. This is that story…

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FACTion: An Organized Group of Useless Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia Tidbits

Brian Damage

Welcome to yet another edition of useless wrestling facts, stats and other stuff to entertain you and perhaps enrich your lives. Some of these informational nuggets of truth may be well known by the masses, while others…not so much. In either case, they are simply meant for fun and enjoyment. They won’t help you graduate or get a good job, but they will give you useless knowledge on a business we all love and cherish…professional wrestling. So sit back or stand up and let’s learn a thing or two about a thing or two. Continue reading

The Five Count: Matches to Watch Before Wrestle Kingdom 13

Jamie Lithgow

Today we start a new series on the blog. Our Top Five posts are usually collaborative efforts by several members of the team. However, The Five Count will see an individual writer cover five aspects of a chosen topic, in no particular order. Jamie kicks things off by looking at some matches from New Japan in 2018 to watch before Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4th. Continue reading