A Moment in Time: Mr. Perfect Destroys the WWF Title


Brian Damage

The late, and very much great, Curt ‘Mr. Perfect’ Hennig is a firm favourite of this blog. Today’s piece centres on the Perfect one as we remember the time he destroyed Hulk Hogan’s WWF title in a moment that really should have led to a lot more than it eventually did.

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The Genius Move: Lanny Poffo Signs With WCW


Brian Damage

When talking about Lanny Poffo, there are many memories that come to mind about him. He is the son of pro wrestler Angelo Poffo, he is the brother of the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage, he was the “wrestling poet” Leaping Lanny and he was also known as “The Genius”…manager of The Beverly Brothers and Mr. Perfect. He holds a victory over Hulk Hogan albeit a count out win and he use to toss Frisbees to the fans at ringside. Continue reading

Brother-hoodwinked: Wrestling’s Less Successful Siblings Part 2


Brian Damage

This is a continuation of my first piece on the careers of less successful siblings in professional wrestling. There was so many, that a second piece was needed to cover the majority of them.

Lanny Poffo

Perhaps one of the most famous brothers in pro wrestling whose career certainly did not match the legacy of his much more famous sibling. Lanny did have some success in his father’s ICW promotion in the 70’s…but when he followed his brother Randy Savage to the WWF…he became a glorified jobber to the stars as the poem reading, frisbee throwing “Leaping” Lanny Poffo. He did redeem himself later in his career as a manager called “The Genius,” but nowhere close to the Macho Man’s success. Continue reading