Bear With Me: Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael Becomes a Member of the Four Horsemen

Brian Damage

When talking about the legendary faction known as the Four Horsemen, fans can’t help but bring up members of the group that perhaps had no business holding up the four fingers. Individuals, that should have been steered clear of the elite group of wrestlers. The most mentioned name is Paul Roma, who was a last minute addition after Tully Blanchard legitimately failed a drug test. After that, names like Sid Vicious, Jeff Jarrett are considered. Then, there is the ex NFL player turned pro wrestler….Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael that gets a lot of votes. While not a fan favorite of the Horsemen fandom, he was a big favorite of the members themselves. This is his story.

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The Way We Was: 1996 Week 52 plus 1

Jamie Lithgow

We have reached the end of the road in our 1996 wrestling retrospective. Today we catch up on significant events from WCW’s biggest show of the year; Starrcade, along with the subsequent Nitro and also WWF Monday Night Raw. If you want to continue following the WWF side of things then Craig has already covered every Raw from 1997 here. If you are more interested in the WCW side of things then watch this space! Anyway, let’s see what happened at Starrcade and the 53rd episodes of Nitro and Raw of the year in this week’s The Way We Was Continue reading

The Way We Was: 1996 Week 50

Jamie Lithgow

With 1997 fast approaching there’s been some notable comings and goings this week. After five years on the show, Pamela Anderson-Lee has announced that she is leaving Baywatch. Elsewhere, Apple (the computer people) have announced that Steve Jobs will be returning to the company after it purchased Jobs’ solo venture, NeXT  Inc. I wonder if this move will pay off? Anyway, let’s see who was coming, going and wrestling in this week’s The Way We Was Continue reading

The Way We Was: 1996 Week 47

Jamie Lithgow

We have reached a milestone in our 1996 timeline. A world class performer has made his debut in a new industry and changed the way we view sport and entertainment forever. Yes, that’s right, this week back in 1996 saw the release of Space Jam! As well as Michael Jordan hanging out with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck there was also something called The Survivor Series. All this and more in this week’s The Way We WasContinue reading