Top Five Factions or Stables in Pro Wrestling

Padraic Toolan, Amerigo Diehl, Lowlife Louie Ramos and Brian Damage

This week’s Top Five is what are your top wrestling factions, groups (with three or more wrestlers) or stables of all time? It doesn’t just have to be factions, but also a stable of wrestlers led by a particular manager. Continue reading

Top Five Wrestling Stables

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, Benjamin Trecroci and Amerigo Diehl

Today the team discuss a glaring omission from our Top 5 series. With the recent reuniting of The Shield in WWE, Bullet Club splitting down the middle in New Japan and the New Day still going strong, today we look at our Top Five favourite stables, past and present. 

Continue reading

Wrestling With Sin: 173

Brian Damage

This is the 173rd installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media. Continue reading

Out From the Darkness: The Birth of “The Crow” Sting

Brian Damage

One of the greatest and most successful characters in all of WCW and in professional wrestling during the 1990’s, was “The Crow” version of Sting. For years, Sting was a very popular and charismatic character. He had the bleached blonde Brian Bosworth-esque hair cut, the colorful face paint and neon tights. Sting was one of the few true stars WCW had during a period of time in the early 1990’s. Continue reading

Top Five WCW Mistakes

Brian Gravagna, Benjamin Trecroci and Jamie Lithgow

It’s quite remarkable, when you think about it, that after all this time talking about wrestling – since 2012, in fact – and all the Top Five articles since then, we’ve never looked at the Top Five WCW mistakes. What a topic and what a wealth of options available. So let’s go. Continue reading