Top Five Most Influential Wrestlers and Wrestling Personalities

Brian Damage, Tom Casola, Lowlife Louie Ramos

This week’s is about Top 5 most influential wrestlers and wrestling personalities. Men or women who helped change the way we watch wrestling. A wrestler so influential that others tried to copy their style etc. Continue reading

2001: The Dark Era of Professional Wrestling

Brian Damage

Professional wrestling is a very cyclical business. There are years when the industry is red hot and everybody wants to be associated with it and then there are years where it is ice cold and nobody would touch it. One year in particular stands out as perhaps one of the very worst in the history of pro wrestling. At least on the business side of things. Today, we take a look back at the year that was 2001. Continue reading

A Moment in Time: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Declares War on ECW

The year was 1997, and the WWF were in the middle of a ratings war with WCW. In the cross fires of this war, was a small, but resilient promotion called Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Many of ECW’s talent and ideas were being plucked bu both the larger, more prominent promotions. Despite ECW’s lack of money and exposure, hardcore wrestling fans knew all about it.

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A Wrestling With Sin Special: The Main Event Championship Wrestling Scandal

Brian Damage

The year is 2001 and the landscape of professional wrestling wrestling has drastically changed. In that year, two major promotions went belly up and folded. Those two promotions were none other than Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling respectively. Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation became the only major game in town and now had a monopoly on the wrestling business. Continue reading

E-C-Dud! E-C-Dud! The Match ECW Never Wanted You To See (And Probably Never Will)

Brian Damage

There is a long line of pro wrestling matches that were booked that seemed great on paper, but never delivered when executed. I immediately think back to such “classics” as the Dog Kennel match in the WWE or how about WCW’s Chamber of Horrors match. There are several others that we could easily name from the big promotions, but what about ECW? Continue reading

Great Ideas That Didn’t Last: ECW on TNN

Brian Damage

Throughout the history of pro wrestling bookers and promoters have always tried to come up with new, creative and innovative ideas to generate interest in their product. Some ideas have not only succeeded…but flourished. Others were DOA from the get-go. Then there are those ideas which initially were innovative but, for various reasons, faded away. Those are the focus of this latest series of posts titled ‘Great Ideas That Didn’t Last’. Continue reading