Whatever Happened to Ivory?

Brian Damage

Her real name is Lisa Moretti but most fans will know her as “Ivory” during her days with the WWF/E. She was one of the last true female wrestler’s before the WWE transitioned from women wrestlers to “Divas.” Today we look back on her unique career and find out ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Ivory? Continue reading


Super Clash III: The Blueprint to Burying Several Promotions At Once


Brian Damage

In the year 1988, it had become blatantly obvious that the World Wrestling Federation was the top dog in pro wrestling. Jim Crockett had just sold his company to billionaire Ted Turner to form World Championship Wrestling to solidify itself as the number 2 promotion in the US. American Wrestling Association owner Verne Gagne was a far distant third. Most of his young homegrown talent like Curt Hennig and The Midnight Rockers jumped ship to the WWF. Continue reading