Return to Sender: Failed Repackaged Wrestlers


Brian Damage

It is something that is not uncommon in pro wrestling. A booker or promoter feels that a certain gimmick is getting old and decides to repackage a wrestler with a brand new gimmick. The wrestler may or may not be taken off TV for a few months to make fans try and forget the initial gimmick. Sometimes it works…like in the case of Glenn Jacobs who went from Isaac Yankem to Fake Diesel to finally Kane. It also worked for guys like Windham Rotunda who went from Husky Harris to Bray Wyatt. Don’t forget, before he was the party man Adam Rose…he was a psychotic hunter named Leo Kruger. Continue reading

Monday Night Wars: 3 August 1998

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

‘Monday Night Wars’ continues with the episodes of Raw and Nitro from 3 August 1998. Hype for SummerSlam begins this week with the number one contender matches for both the IC and tag titles. Over on Nitro, the spotlight was still firmly on Jay Leno’s forthcoming appearance at Road Wild and Sting was back to acting a bit weird.

All this and more as Monday Night Wars continues… Continue reading