Sunday Sermon: Extreme Rules 2018 Fallout

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

For one of the first times, non-WrestleMania, we use a Sunday Sermon to analyse a PPV the week after. Not only was the show abysmal, but was weird. Odd decisions and then the fans hijacked the main event by counting down ever min as if it was Rumble. Just an odd show. Continue reading


Sunday Sermon: The Passing of Vader

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Jamie Lithgow

On Wednesday 20 June, the icon figure of a Leon White, better known as Vader, passed away aged 63. In today’s Sunday Sermon, the team discuss his legendary career and the mark he left on professional wrestling. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: What Else Do We Want to See on the WWE Network?

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

Last week saw the debut of ‘Something Else To Wrestle’ on the WWE Network. For those unaware, this is a spin-off from the ‘Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard’ podcast which is probably the most popular wrestling podcast around right now. On the heels of this, today the team put WWE’s extensive archive to one side and consider WWE’s original content created specifically for their Network. What do we like? What do we dislike? What would we like to see more of and do we have any ideas for shows ourselves, that’s the discussion in today’s Sunday Sermon? Continue reading