Top Five Worst Talkers in Wrestling

Craig Wilson and John Carbery

Ah the cutting of a promo, a vital skill needed for a wrestler if he hopes to reach the very top of his profession. Whether it is discussing hard times, telling fat out of shape residents in that particular city to keep the noise down or threatening to check opponents into Smackdown Hotel, these are comments that live long in the memory of wrestling fans. That said, so are the remarks of those less talented on the mic and it is those superstars, who forget they are live or mumble something incoherent, that are the focus of this Top Five. Continue reading


Top Five Superstars Not in the WWE Hall of Fame

Earl Marx, Brian Damage and John Carbery

Now one of the most popular aspects of the WrestleMania weekend, the Hall of Fame is a cause of much debate – much of it centred on whether or not it deserves to be considered as a real Hall of Fame. Either way, in today’s Top Five we look at superstars who currently are not part of it.
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Sunday Sermon: The Top Heels in Wrestling History

Craig Wilson, John Carbery, Brian Damage and Russ Morgan

After a lengthy, and enjoyable, Sunday Sermon recently looking at the best babyfaces in the history of the business, there’s only one logical follow up and that is looking at some of the guys that have went face to face with those very babyfaces. So today’s Sunday Sermon will look at some of the best heat generating heels ever. Continue reading

Straight To The Top: Six Guys Who Made Their WrestleMania Debuts in The Main Event

wrestlemaniaCraig Wilson

Excluding WrestleMania 1, where everyone made their ‘mania debut, in WWE history six men have made their debut at the showcase of the imortals in the show’s main event bout. Today, we look back at all of those stars, their debut matches and their subsequent success – if applicable, a spoiler as to who one of the entrants is… Continue reading

‘WWE Presents: True Giants’ Review

WWE Presents: True Giants DVDCraig Wilson

Superstars that were larger than life, often literally, have long been part of wrestling. Acts like Andre the Giant, Kamala and King Kong Bundy were huge stars during the 80s and wowed wrestling fans the length and breadth of America and further afield.

It is the focus of those stars, and their more modern contemporaries like Big Show, Mark Henry and The Great Khali that are the focus of the latest DVD set released by the WWE. Today on the blog, Craig reviews that set: ‘WWE Presents: True Giants’. Continue reading

The Joke Is On You: Wrestling’s Inside Jokes

Big_Show backlash laughing suit vince_mcmahon wwf

Brian Damage

It is not uncommon for a promoter or someone from creative to amuse him or herself and their cohorts by bestowing an “inside joke” on one of their wrestlers. Some jokes are blatantly obvious while others may make you stop and think for a split second. Some wrestlers have even made a career for themselves being the pawn of such jokes. This piece will examine such parodies and why some were done.

Vince McMahon for years had a thing for ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. Dusty was the booker for the WWF’s main competition in the 1980’s…the NWA. Vince never missed an opportunity to stick it to Rhodes every chance he got. Continue reading