The Question Is Muta: The Rejected Plan to Turn The Great Muta Babyface

Brian Damage

When you hear the name of ‘The Great Muta,’ many fans will recall how he took a large portion of the wrestling world by storm here in the United States in the late 1980’s. Not many wrestlers could do the things Muta was able to do in the ring. From his speed, quickness and agility…to his unique look with face paint…Keiji ‘The Great Muta’ Mutoh quickly became a bonafide star for the NWA/WCW in 1989. So much so, some within the promotion wanted to make Muta the face of the company. It never happened…

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The FACTory: Churning Out Useless Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia Since Whenever

Brian Damage

It’s back by not so popular demand, Useless wrestling facts, stats and trivia! These little nuggets of truth won’t help you win anything, but perhaps will further your knowledge by expanding your mind. Some of these facts you may already know and there are some you may have no idea were true. Either way, they are all in good fun. So without any further adieu, let’s a learn some stuff. Continue reading