Hawk Hogan? The Planned Split of the Road Warriors

Brian Damage

With the World Wrestling Federation going full speed with their national expansion, the rest of the territories were forced to play catch up. As the WWF was eating up all of the weaker promotions, Jim Crockett Promotions and the National Wrestling Alliance were thinking of ways to fend off and actually compete with Vince McMahon and the WWF. This, by no means, was going to be an easy task. The WWF had the single hottest star in the wrestling business in Hulk Hogan. It was up to Crockett to find his own version of Hogan and looked to a red hot tag team to do it.

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Top Five Greatest Entrance Themes

B. Dangerous and Brian Damage

This week’s Top Five is all about music. What are your favorite entrance themes of all time? Music that helped get you pumped up for a wrestler’s arrival. Sometimes the music was better than the actual wrestler. What are your top five entrance themes? It doesn’t matter if it is from a well known artist/band or composed by the likes of Jim Johnston or Jimmy Hart.

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