Top Five Best 2nd/3rd Generation Wrestlers

Padraic Toolan and Lowlife Louie Ramos

This was done a few years ago with a different round of contributors. Let’s see with a couple of others have to say. Who were the best sons/daughters/grandchildren of pro wrestlers. Men and women who followed in their parent or parents footsteps and turned out great. There are a lot of wrestlers to choose from. Let’s see who was your top five all time… Continue reading

InFACTed: Spreading Useless Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia

Brian Damage

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today is another day to spread a little knowledge on all of us. It is time once again for some highly addictive and oh so useless pro wrestling facts, stats and trivia. Some of these you may be well aware of, while others just might blow your mind. Either way, they are all harmless and just meant for fun. So sit back, relax and let’s get our learning on. Continue reading