Help Wanted! Job Opportunities: The Young Bucks

Brian Damage

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was very common to see some no name wrestler go up against a proven star of a promotion. Whether that be from the WWF, NWA/WCW, AWA or elsewhere, these nomads of professional wrestling were there to make the stars look great. They were known as enhancement talent, preliminary wrestlers or as many fans have come to know them…”jobbers.” While fans were clamoring to see big time match ups, these “squash matches” served a very important purpose. While perhaps not appreciated at the time, they were just as important as the stars themselves.

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This Seat Is Reserved For No One: A History of Empty Arena Matches

Brian Damage

We are certainly living in crazy times. Curfews and self quarantines seem to be the new norm as fears have risen over the pandemic called Covid-19 aka The Coronavirus. With panic over the possible spread of the virus…especially in places that house large groups of people…many events have been delayed, postponed or even cancelled. Pro wrestling has gotten hit with this pandemic as many promotions have suspended operations. The two larger groups WWE and AEW have vowed to continue through the fear…by continuing to run their shows in empty venues. As we approach Wrestlemania 36, the decsion was made to host wrestling biggest event in an empty WWE Performance center. Continue reading

The Five Count: Matches to Watch Before Wrestle Kingdom 13

Jamie Lithgow

Today we start a new series on the blog. Our Top Five posts are usually collaborative efforts by several members of the team. However, The Five Count will see an individual writer cover five aspects of a chosen topic, in no particular order. Jamie kicks things off by looking at some matches from New Japan in 2018 to watch before Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4th. Continue reading