The Five Count: Overrated Tag Teams

Tom Casola

Tom: Nothing is more disappointing when a federation has a great single wrestler and teams them up with another great single wrestler, and instead of getting that “explosion of greatness” you are left pondering “why”. That is my feelings towards these teams. For the most part, each individual are standouts and had successful single careers. However when put in a tag-team, they become lack luster. Continue reading

Top Five Wrestlers with ‘Go Away’ Heat

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, John Carbery, Benjamin Trecroci and Amerigo Diehl

The reaction a wrestler gets from a crowd can make or break him. Whether that’s cheering a top babyface onto success or desperately wanting a heel to lose, crowd reaction is important. However, some wrestlers have heat but of the wrong kind. ‘Go away’ heat. In this Top Five, we list guys with that dread type of heat. Continue reading