Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone: The Story of a Vanishing Valet


Brian Damage

It is not uncommon in the business of professional wrestling to be hot one minute and gone the the next. It has happened and has continued to happen for years. While that certain wrestler will just simply travel from one territory to the next to keep visible, the subject of this particular piece almost vanished without a trace for over 30 years: Sunshine. Continue reading


The UWF: No….Not That One….The Other One



Brian Damage

What do you think of when I say the Universal Wrestling Federation? Do you think of Bill Watts? Mid-South? Sting? Jim Ross? Do you think of a promotion that wanted to compete nationally with the WWF and WCW?


The promotion I speak of, did not emanate from Oklahoma or Louisiana but rather Marina del Ray,¬†California (A hot bed for pro wrestling) *insert sarcasm* ¬†It was owned and operated by a man named Herb Abrams. To really understand the UWF…you must first know about the man who founded it…. Continue reading