Give Peace No Chance in Hell: The World Wrestling Peace Festival of 1996

Brian Damage

Traditionally, “super cards” in professional wrestling involving several promotions rarely work out. Promoters and wrestlers will argue and refuse to do what is best for business. That leaves the fans the ones to suffer for inflated egos and jealousy. You can look at the unmitigated disaster that was Superclash III as an example of how a wrestling super card worked out. Continue reading

Icons of Wrestling #43 – Master P
Jamie Lithgow

Name: Percy Robert Miller aka Master P
Occupation: Rapper, actor, businessman, record executive extraordinaire
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Glory Days: A couple of weeks in June of 1999
Fun Fact: One of the cited reasons for Master P’s direct involvement in WCW being so brief was his apparent unhappiness that the fans in Washington D.C. and New Orleans (his home town) did not react to him as expected i.e. loads of them booed the shit out of him.

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