The Five Count: Non-Wrestlers We’d Like to See In WWE

Jamie Lithgow

Celebrities and WWE go together like rhubarb and custard. Almost every Wrestlemania since the very first one has been littered with famous faces, to varying levels of appreciation from fans. In today’s 5 Count Jamie looks outside of the known WWE universe and discusses five famous people he would like to see in a WWE ring. Continue reading


Sunday Sermon: Predicting Wrestlemania XXXV

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson, Padraic Toolan and Brian Damage

With Survivor Series in the can and tickets now on sale for WWE’s showpiece event on April 7th 2019, it is perhaps safe to assume that the WWE creative team will now have more than half an eye on WrestleMania 35. Therefore, in today’s Sunday Sermon, the team also consider this show in an annual tradition on the blog; predicting the WrestleMania card months in advance. Continue reading

Top Five Wrestling Spots

Jamie Lithgow and Craig Wilson

There are iconic wrestlers, iconic shows and iconic matches but there are also iconic moments in wrestling. To use the proper wrestling jargon, said moments or highlights within a match are called ‘spots’. Today’s Top Five is all about our favourite ‘spots’ which have stuck in our minds over the years…

Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Predicting WrestleMania 34

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow and Benjamin Trecroci

The road to WrestleMania will be well and truly on when, on the 28th of January, when we find out who won the Royal Rumble and heads to challenge a champion at Mania. Ahead of the Rumble, in today’s Sunday Sermon, we cast our eyes towards WrestleMania and do some fantasy booking over what we think, and hope, to see happen on the card. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Predicting WrestleMania XXXIV

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, Craig Wilson and Benjamin Trecroci

In today’s Sunday Sermon, the team indulge in what has become a yearly tradition – predicting WrestleMania way in advance. There is no set date on when we get our creative hats on, we just figure prior to the previous year’s SummerSlam is early enough to avoid predicting the glaringly obvious. So, will Jason Jordan have turned on his “dad” by then? Will Brock Lesnar still be the Universal Champion and will WrestleMania XXXIV be his last match in the WWE? Will the Undertaker show up and will WrestleMania become Jinder-Mania? Crystal balls at the ready, here we go… Continue reading