Top Five Wrestling Spots

Jamie Lithgow and Craig Wilson

There are iconic wrestlers, iconic shows and iconic matches but there are also iconic moments in wrestling. To use the proper wrestling jargon, said moments or highlights within a match are called ‘spots’. Today’s Top Five is all about our favourite ‘spots’ which have stuck in our minds over the years…

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Top Five Most Boring Wrestlers

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson, Benjamin Trecroci, Amerigo Diehl & Brian Damage

If you watch enough wrestling then sooner or later you will see a really boring match, maybe even a really boring show. Not every wrestler or promotion can hit a home run every night, but today’s Top Five focuses on those performers who sent us to sleep every time we saw them wrestle. Grab a coffee, it’s our Top Five Most Boring Wrestlers…

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Top Five Forgotten Superstars of Yesteryear

Jamie Lithgow, Benjamin Trecroci, Brian Damage and Amerigo Diehl

“I used to be over” is one of the many catchphrases from a certain popular wrestling podcast, but it perfectly sums up today’s Top Five. Today we shall be looking at those superstars from wrestling’s past that were over, who did have good runs and maybe even won a few titles. However, for one reason or another, these performers have largely been  overlooked or even forgotten about in the shuffle of wrestling nostalgia.

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Top Five Pet Peeves in Wrestling

Jamie Lithgow, Benjamin Trecroci & Brian Damage

Everyone has a few things that really annoy them, even if those things don’t necessarily annoy other people. Today the team vent their frustrations at the little things from the world of wrestling that, for some reason, get on their nerves. It’s our Top 5 pet peeves…. Continue reading