Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant: The Greatest Wrestling Contract Signing There Ever Was

Brian Damage

Watching pro wrestling/sports entertainment for the majority of my life, there are a few things that are almost guaranteed to occur during specific segments of a storyline. If a couple gets “married” on a wrestling show, they are certain for it to end up badly for the bride and groom. Someone will interrupt the service and some sort of truth will be spilled and a fight will almost certainly break out. When a pay per view event is happening, you can bet your last dollar that someone is going through the Spanish Announce Table Lastly, no contract signing on a wrestling show ever ends up with the wrestlers signing the contract and just simply walking away. Continue reading


The Red Rivalry: Pete Rose Versus Kane

Brian Damage

There have been many celebrities that have made their way into the WWE throughout the years. Some have been memorable, while others not so much. For every Cyndi Lauper and Mike Tyson, there was Ricky Schroeder and the old lady from the ‘Where’s the Beef?’ fame. Once such celebrity that truly epitomized what the WWE was and still is…was baseball icon Pete Rose. Continue reading

The FACTory: Churning Out Useless Wrestling Facts, Stats and Trivia Since Whenever

Brian Damage

It’s back by not so popular demand, Useless wrestling facts, stats and trivia! These little nuggets of truth won’t help you win anything, but perhaps will further your knowledge by expanding your mind. Some of these facts you may already know and there are some you may have no idea were true. Either way, they are all in good fun. So without any further adieu, let’s a learn some stuff. Continue reading