Factually Speaking: Pro Wrestling Facts and Stuff Like That

Brian Damage

Here we are yet again for the latest round of useless wrestling facts, trivia and information. These tidbits might not make you any smarter, but it’s all in good fun. So sit back and soak in the knowledge. Continue reading


When It Comes Crashing Down: The Hulk Hogan Family Tragedy

Brian Damage

Mostly everybody in the world knows the name Hulk Hogan. Even people who may not be wrestling fans identify Hogan whether it be from the squared circle or his movie career. Hulk Hogan was also known for his four seasons on the reality show ‘Hogan Knows Best.’ A television program that followed the day to day life of the Hulkster and his family. It starred Hulk of course, along with his wife Linda, daughter Brooke and his son Nick. Continue reading