Sunday Sermon: Sting in the WWE Wilson, Brian Damage, Russ Morgan and Jamie Lithgow

On Sunday the wrestling icon Sting made his first ever appearance on a WWE event and in a WWE ring.

So, was Sting’s debut booked right, will his future stuff be booked right, will he be new Raw GM and did Sunday set up for Sting versus Triple H at Wrestlemania. All that and more is discussed in today’s Sunday Sermon. Continue reading

Top Five Turkeys of 2014
Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Jamie Lithgow

In a nod to Thanksgiving, today we do our Top Five turkeys of 2014. The basic jist is that contributors to this blog list five garbage things that have happened/we’ve seen in wrestling this year. Last year’s Top Five Turkeys, which can be read here, featured, amongst other things, release of Jesse Sorensen, Wrestlemania 29 & the People’s Elbow ending CM Punk’s reign as WWE champ.

Today; Craig, Brian and Jamie list their Top Five turkeys of 2014 and an overall overall turkey of the year. The easiest way to do it is if something is number 1 in an individual’s list it gets 5 points, 2nd place gets 4, 3rd and it gets 3, 4th place gets 2 points and 5th place gets one. Got it? Let’s go. Continue reading

‘WWE Presents: True Giants’ Review

WWE Presents: True Giants DVDCraig Wilson

Superstars that were larger than life, often literally, have long been part of wrestling. Acts like Andre the Giant, Kamala and King Kong Bundy were huge stars during the 80s and wowed wrestling fans the length and breadth of America and further afield.

It is the focus of those stars, and their more modern contemporaries like Big Show, Mark Henry and The Great Khali that are the focus of the latest DVD set released by the WWE. Today on the blog, Craig reviews that set: ‘WWE Presents: True Giants’. Continue reading

ReTURN of The Dragon: The Heel Turn That Never Happened


Brian Damage

In the history of pro wrestling, it isn’t uncommon for a wrestler to turn heel (bad) or babyface (good) at least once or twice in a career. It has become somewhat the norm and expected. Some of the biggest babyfaces in wrestling have played a heel at one point or another…Hulk Hogan….Sting….The Ultimate Warrior…Dusty Rhodes….Andre the Giant…even wrestling’s version of Superman…John Cena was a heel at one time. Continue reading

Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

Survivor Series 2014Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

Tonight’s Survivor Series will see Team Authority battle Team Cena with a loss meaning Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are sent packing. Elsewhere, Dean Ambrose gets his hands on Bray Wyatt, AJ Lee defends her gold against Nikki Bella, Gold and Stardust put the tag gold on the line in a fatal fourway match against Miz and Mizdow, The Usos and Los Matadores and we see Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi and Natalya team up to face the foursome of Paige, Cameron, Layla and Summer Rae.

Ahead of the event; Craig, Jamie and Brian share their predictions and thoughts on the show. Continue reading

This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 47

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

In the latest installment of ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what wrestling taught him this week, Craig looks back at Macho Man Randy Savage joining WCW – on the 20th anniversary of that event – and Brian finds the best wrestling related images and videos.

All that and more in this edition of ‘This Week in Wrestling’

Continue reading