Alternative Wrestling History: What if Bruiser Brody Hadn’t Been Killed in Puerto Rico


John Carbery

Our ‘Alternative Wrestling History‘ series, which looks at some of the “what if?” moments from wrestling history, returns today. The focus is the death of Bruiser Brody in 1988 as we wonder what sort of career Frank Goodish would have had at a time that the WWF was expanding into a global phenomenon.  Continue reading

Alternate Wrestling Histories: What if Shawn Michaels had refused to lose at Wrestlemania XIV?

tysonhbkJohn Carbery

Today we have the second ‘Alternative Wrestling History‘ piece. Today we examine the situation surrounding the main event of Wrestlemania XIV. It’s been well documented that Shawn Michaels wasn’t the most stable champion the World Wrestling Federation has ever had during his third reign and there were many things that could’ve gone askew during one the most important main events of all time as a result.  Continue reading

Alternative Wrestling History: What if Sting had been the third man in the nWo?


John Carbery

Today we debut a new series of posts under the theme ‘Alternative Wrestling History‘. This series will look at some of the “what if?” moments from wrestling history. It’s not the only debut though, as it’s also the first post from our newest contributor John Carbery and he looks at what would have happened had Sting been the third member of the nWo.

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