Top Five Emotional Moments in Wrestling

Padraic Toolan, Jamie Lithgow, Benjamin Trecroci & Brian Damage

It has been quite a fortnight in wrestling. The highs of the first ever Women’s only WWE pay per view contrasting with the low of Roman Reigns announcing that he has leukaemia. Even the most stoic of fans must have taken a hit to the feels at some point recently, which leads us to this week’s Top Five. Get the tissues ready, it’s our top five emotional moments in wrestling.

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This Week in Wrestling 2018 Week 43

Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest instalment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 43rd of 2018. Today, Craig talks about NXT UK while Brian focuses on this week’s Roman Reigns news and shares all the best wrestling content of the week. Continue reading

Top Five Pet Peeves in Wrestling

Jamie Lithgow, Benjamin Trecroci & Brian Damage

Everyone has a few things that really annoy them, even if those things don’t necessarily annoy other people. Today the team vent their frustrations at the little things from the world of wrestling that, for some reason, get on their nerves. It’s our Top 5 pet peeves…. Continue reading