Sunday Sermon: Braun Strowman and the WWE Booking of Big Men

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow and Benjamin Trecroci

Sometime’s think we’re overly negative about the WWE product? Will sit back and enjoy as today, in this latest Sunday Sermon, amongst perhaps some minor griping, we shall wax lyrically about the WWE’s booking of Braun Strowman. Continue reading


Ring the Damn Bell Predicts 2017 in Wrestling


Earl Marx, Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Russ Morgan & John Carbery

A bit of fun today, readers, as we share some of our predictions for the year ahead. Nothing is off limits and we’ve even included some ideas submitted by readers online and via email. If this goes all according to plan, we’ll come back to this in January of next year and see if anyone got any correct. Continue reading