Well That Didn’t Work: The Higher Power

Jamie Lithgow

Today we dip our toes back into our ‘Well That Didn’t Work’ series. Previously we have looked at such subjects as The Undertaker vs. The Undertaker and Tout… remember Tout?! Me neither. On this occasion, however, Jamie runs the risk of dividing opinion by looking at WWE’s ‘Higher Power’ storyline from way back in 1999. Continue reading


Trust Me: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Turn to the Darkside

Brian Damage

It was always going to take a big angle to turn Jake ‘the snake’ Roberts, one of the WWF’s top babyfaces at the beginning of the 90s heel. But what an angle it was. Today, we ‘trust’ Brian to take us through the story about how Roberts turned to the dark side in 1992.

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