A Light Idea: The Birth and Subsequent Death of the WWF’s Light Heavyweight Division


Brian Damage

The recent addition of the Cruiserweight division to the WWE has resurrected the company’s interest in light heavyweight superstars. But this is certainly not the first time Vince McMahon’s company has attempted to focus on this type of action. Today we had back to the previous attempts to build a light heavyweight division. Continue reading

A Moment in Time: The Kliq Bring Down the Curtain


Craig Wilson

For those that watch archived wrestling from 20 years ago – as I do for the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast – you’ll know we’re fast approaching very exciting times: the debut of the nWo and Stone Cold Steve Austin winning King of the Ring. Another significant event happened in mid 1996, namely the Curtain Call. In this latest ‘A Moment in Time‘ piece we go back to look at the impact of that moment. Continue reading