Remembering Dustin Runnels First WWF Run in 1990

Brian Damage

We all know Dustin Runnels as the WWE’s iconic character known as ‘Goldust.’ For over 20 years, with a break in between here and there, Dustin has perfectly portrayed the bizarre Goldust. While Dustin is known most for his work as Goldust, it wasn’t his first stint with the WWF/E and that’s the focus of today’s piece.  Continue reading


Sunday Sermon: Was Randy Orton The Correct Choice for Royal Rumble Winner

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, John Carbery,  Brian Damage and Earl Marx

It’s Sunday Sermon time and following last weekend’s Royal Rumble, it seems only topical that we assess whether or not Randy Orton was the correct choice to win the Rumble or if someone else was a more suitable candidate. We’ll also discuss if we think another battle between Orton and John Cena is something we want to see at WrestleMania 33?

Continue reading

The Wrestling War Before The Monday Night Wars


Brian Damage

Many reading this blog will have gotten the wrestling bug during the infamous ‘Monday Night Wars’ in the late 90s. It was a time that saw millions tune in week in, week out to catch WWF and WCW. But by no means was it the first wrestling war between the two. Today we head back to the 80s and see what kicked off the battle between Jim Crockett jr. and Vince McMahon. Continue reading