The Cartoon World of Professional Wrestling

Brian Damage

In a world that has larger than life characters, flashy outfits, over the top promos and often times outrageous physical violence…it can become easy to associate professional wrestling being a real-life cartoon. During the 1980s into the mid-1990s, the then World Wrestling Federation was synonymous with being compared to one. It, of course, would only be natural for pro wrestlers and the industry to be associated with actual animation. In this piece, we will take a look at the various cartoons that have graced our eyes that had some sort of pro wrestling influence to them. Continue reading

This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 45

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson and Brian Damage

In the latest installment of ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie shares what wrestling taught him this week, Craig talks about the delayed launch of the WWE Network in the UK and Brian scours the internet for the best wrestling related images and videos.

All that and more in this edition of ‘This Week in Wrestling’

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Sunday Sermon: What more we’d like to see on The Network

(Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow & Russ Morgan

In recent weeks the WWE have bolstered the content on their on demand and streaming Network with the addition of the ‘Clash of the Champions’ series. There is undoubtedly a wealth of material that is still to be added to the Network from the promotions extensive tape library. Whether that is features on former territories or biographies of superstars from the past.

In this week’s Sunday Sermon Craig, Brian, Jamie and Russ discuss what else they would like to see added to the Network’s schedule. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: What does the WWE Network mean for wrestling on PPV? Lithgow, Craig Wilson, Brian Damage and Russ Morgan

The WWE Network has been up and running for a good couple of weeks now, and while we as fans salivate over the undeniably great value of the offer, what does it’s arrival mean for WWE and wrestling PPVs going forward? Have the days of wrestling promotions selling fans individual monthly shows passed? What does The Network’s arrival mean for the content of these monthly shows? And, the question on every WWE performer’s lips, how will it affect the wrestlers themselves?

Today (insert writers) tackle these issues and discuss if the WWE Network is actually a double edged sword. Continue reading