Whatever Happened To ECW’s 911?

Brian Damage

He was a monster wrestler who stood over 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighed well over 300 pounds. He would briefly become a huge star in ECW using a chokeslam to destroy his opponents. This man also had a brief run in WCW under various names. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened to’ 911? Continue reading


Whatever Happened to Vladimir Kozlov?

Brian Damage

He was a heavyweight Sambo champion who was discovered by a famous wrestling promoter. He quickly became a WWE star. He would win one half of the WWE tag team titles before retiring. Today on the blog, we ask…’Whatever Happened’ to Vladimir Kozlov? Continue reading

Whatever Happened to Cryme Tyme?

Brian Damage

One was a finalist on WWE’s reality show Tough Enough. The other was a non WWE contracted wrestler who was just trying to break into the business. Together, they formed a tag team while both competing for WWE’s developmental organization Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) They would work their way up to the main roster. Today on the blog we ask, ‘Whatever Happened to‘ Cryme Tyme? Continue reading