FACTS A Lot: All The Pro Wrestling Facts You Can Use…Or Don’t…Either Way is Fine

Brian Damage

Here is another piece on pro wrestling facts, stats, trivia answers and all that other good stuff. These little nuggets of truth won’t win you any prizes or anything like that. It’s just all in good fun. You may know some or all or you may not know any at all. Any way you slice it, let’s go and try and learn something new or not… Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion


Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow and Padraic Toolan

After an MVP one-hour performance in the gauntlet match on a recent Smackdown Live and a stellar showing in the Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston now has a title shot against Daniel Bryan at March 2019’s Fastlane event. Today, in this latest Sunday Sermon, the team look at the possibility of Kingston as WWE Champion.. Continue reading

Top Five Wrestlers Who Should Not Have Gotten Over, But Did


Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow, Padraic Toolan & Benjamin Trecroci

As wrestling fans we are hard-wired to expect the unexpected, after all; ‘anything can happen in the WWE!’ Today the team cast their eyes over the wrestlers who caught them by surprise, connected with the audience and defied the odds as they list their Top Five wrestlers who should not have gotten over, but did.

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