Mission Aborted: The Fall of Men On A Mission

Brian Damage

They were once considered a great up and coming tag team in professional wrestling. A tag team that basically began their careers together and made it all the way to the World Wrestling Federation. While the team found success, it was individual accomplishments that ultimately ended the team and for the most part…their friendship. This is the story of Mo and Mable aka Men on a Mission.

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Harley and Haku: The Coronation of a New King of Wrestling

Brian Damage

In 1986, many wrestling fans were surprised to see the eight time NWA world heavyweight champion Harley Race jump ship to the World Wrestling Federation. After all, Race was a staple of the National Wrestling Alliance for several years. To see him go to a promotion widely known for its more cartoonish take on professional wrestling seemed out of place. The fact was, Race was nearing the end of his active wrestling career. He saw the WWF as a good pay day with a lot less emphasis on a stiff working style. Continue reading

The Way We Was: WWF King of The Ring 1996

Jamie Lithgow

Just like last week, today we bring you another bonus edition of ‘The Way We Was’. What’s the occasion this time I hear you ask? Well on this week 20 years ago the WWF presented King of The Ring, a pay per view billed as “The Greatest Card Ever in The History of The WWF……. King Of The Ring”. Hindsight tells us that this was a significant event in wrestling history, but let’s see what Austin 3:16 had to say on the matter…

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The New Generation: When The Kliq Ruled Wrestling


Brian Damage

When you talking about the WWF/E today…we see a global juggernaut in the pro wrestling or “sports entertainment” world. Some might be surprised to hear that in the early to mid 1990’s…the company was struggling severely financially and in some cases on the verge of shutting down. The old guard that made the company so successful in the 90’s heyday was either getting old, stale or leaving the company for greener pastures. In 1994, in an attempt to get younger and hipper…Vince McMahon created the “New Generation Era.”
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Top Five King of the Ring moments


Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In the wrestling world June used to mean one thing: King of the Ring. The event took place on PPV every year between 1993 and 2002 although did run from 1985 to 89 and once again in 91 before coming a PPV. It also had a revival first as a Smackdown exclusive event then an inter-brand event. It had some successful winners and some winners that left you wondering why they got the nod. It also featured several memorable moments – perhaps the most famous being Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “3.16” speech.

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