The Five Count: Needlessly Specific Gimmicks

Jamie Lithgow

An intricate backstory is a feature of many wrestling gimmicks. For example, as a child Kane was accused of starting the fire which killed his and The Undertaker’s parents, only it was actually started by a young Undertaker. This incident was the central focus of their initial feud and also facilitated Taker’s subsequent heel turn. However, in today’s Five Count, Jamie looks at wrestlers to have been afforded similarly specific details in their backstories but for no apparent reason or payoff. Continue reading


The Five Count: Non-Wrestlers We’d Like to See In WWE

Jamie Lithgow

Celebrities and WWE go together like rhubarb and custard. Almost every Wrestlemania since the very first one has been littered with famous faces, to varying levels of appreciation from fans. In today’s 5 Count Jamie looks outside of the known WWE universe and discusses five famous people he would like to see in a WWE ring. Continue reading

The Five Count: Matches to Watch Before Wrestle Kingdom 13

Jamie Lithgow

Today we start a new series on the blog. Our Top Five posts are usually collaborative efforts by several members of the team. However, The Five Count will see an individual writer cover five aspects of a chosen topic, in no particular order. Jamie kicks things off by looking at some matches from New Japan in 2018 to watch before Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4th. Continue reading