Remembering WWE 24/7 On Demand: The WWE Network Before the WWE Network

Brian Damage

Over the years, the WWF…now WWE… steamrolled over all of their competition in the various territories and organizations, on their way to national and eventually, global expansion. In that time, while killing off smaller wrestling promotions, the company amassed a very impressive number of video libraries. From World Class Championship Wrestling to the American Wrestling Association to Extreme Championship Wrestling and a number of other promotions in between, WWE had themselves a treasure trove of wrestling history at their disposal.

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The Geeks Come Out At Night: Remembering the WCW All Nighter Specials

Brian Damage

After Ted Turner purchased Jim Crockett’s promotion and rechristened it World Championship Wrestling, the company looked for new and different ways to garner interest into the promotion. One of those ideas was to air a bunch of old matches from both the NWA and WCW late at night. Add a few hosts like Tony Schiavone, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund and you’ve got a show. It was an insomniac wrestling fan’s ultimate dream. The show was called ‘WCW All Nighter.’ Continue reading