Wrestling Show (within the show) business

Craig Wilson

(Image courtesy of newwrestlecrap.proboards.com)

Piper and Snuka square off on ‘Piper’s Pit’ (Image courtesy of newwrestlecrap.proboards.com)

Interview segments have always been a part of wrestling. Those more familiar with the recent era will have seen Chris Jericho’s ‘Highlight Reel’ and ‘Miz TV’. The latter is predictably rubbish but the former is passable at times. That said, they are nothing compared to what these segments used to be like.

Nowadays these interviews are used primarily to add a dimension to a match or feud that doesn’t have any dimension of note. That’s not always been the case. These shows, back in the day, used to be pivotal to the development of feuds.
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Knocking Out Divas: Why Women’s Wrestling is a Sideshow

Brian Damage

(Image courtesy of diva-dirt.com)

(Image courtesy of diva-dirt.com)

If you haven’t seen the documentary “Lipstick and Dynamite” I suggest you do so. It is about the past history of women’s wrestling featuring such past legends as The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young and Penny Banner. It is a great look into what women wrestling was and no longer is…

An era of wrestling where women had to fight, scratch and claw to be respected by fans, promoters and their male counterparts. Women who made pro wrestling their life and in the process at times sacrificed love, family or children. They were married to the ring. Now fast forward to today and it is completely different genre. For starters, the women are more athletic and attractive. Most look like the came right off the pages of a magazine and into a wrestling ring and in many cases they have. While the women of today may have more beauty, style and athleticism, they also lack something much more important…sustainability. Continue reading

Raw Rewind: 28 July 1997

Craig Wilson

Raw Is War Logo (1998)

This #Rawrewind is the go home show ahead of Summerslam and features a main event of Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart versus The Patriot.

Elsewhere, Stone Cold and Dude Love defended the tag titles against The Godwinns, LOD faced Los Boricuas, Crush took Farooq and The Truth Commission debuted.

All the previous Raw Rewinds can be located here.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: The Undertaker
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Owen Hart
WWF Tag Team Champions: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Dude Love
WWF European Champion: The British Bulldog
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Sunday Sermon: The Invasion Angle

Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage, Craig Wilson & Kenneth Richardson

In last week’s Sermon we looked at WCW’s biggest mistakes. Today we branch off from this subject to look at another missed opportunity involving WCW, only this one was perpetrated by WWE. We are of course referring to the purchase of WCW by WWE, and the damp squib that the subsequent invasion and alliance angles turned out to be.

I’m sure we can all agree that this angle was a massive let down, and was written about tirelessly by disgruntled fans, journalists and workers alike. However today we put our constructive hindsight hats on and, rather than ripping the angle apart for the one millionth time, shall discuss what we would have done in Vince McMahon’s shoes. Continue reading

This Week in Wrestling

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

You have to wonder if Dixie Carter is really made for wrestling. Heck, I should have asked her that on the #AskDixie hashtag... (Image courtesy of www.tnasylum.com)

You have to wonder if Dixie Carter is really made for wrestling. Heck, I should have asked her that on the #AskDixie hashtag… (Image courtesy of http://www.tnasylum.com)

When ECW went backrupt in April 2001 I was concerned about the state of wrestling. When WCW then went out of business then alarm bells really began to ring.

I was neve a fan of ECW, I felt it was needless violence with the superstars performing increasingly over the top spots to get a reaction from a crowd that was becoming more and more blood thirsty.

As for WCW, it too was just never my thing. Sure, I bought the War Games DVD as well as the first ‘Best of Nitro’ set but, whilst enjoying those, I always felt the company lacking something for me. Continue reading

Top Five Foreign Objects in Wrestling

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

Jimmy Hart in typically loud attire complete with megaphone (Image courtesy of www.last.fm)

Jimmy Hart in typically loud attire complete with megaphone (Image courtesy of http://www.last.fm)

I’m not sure who made the decision but it got to the stage where normal wrestling matches weren’t enough. Gimmick matches were introduced then the rise of weapons, more often than not used by dastardly heels to gain the upper hand over the clean cut fan favourites, much to the fury of the fans in the arena.

Those following the history of the sport will agree that the use of weapons got over the top with the rise of Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 90s and the subsequent change of direction from both WCW and the WWF. This week in the blog’s ‘Top Five’ feature, Craig and Jamie share their favourite foreign objects from wrestling history. Continue reading