Top Five Foreign Objects in Wrestling

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

Jimmy Hart in typically loud attire complete with megaphone (Image courtesy of

Jimmy Hart in typically loud attire complete with megaphone (Image courtesy of

I’m not sure who made the decision but it got to the stage where normal wrestling matches weren’t enough. Gimmick matches were introduced then the rise of weapons, more often than not used by dastardly heels to gain the upper hand over the clean cut fan favourites, much to the fury of the fans in the arena.

Those following the history of the sport will agree that the use of weapons got over the top with the rise of Extreme Championship Wrestling in the 90s and the subsequent change of direction from both WCW and the WWF. This week in the blog’s ‘Top Five’ feature, Craig and Jamie share their favourite foreign objects from wrestling history.


5 Duggan’s 2×4

Duggan complete with 2x4 (Image courtesy of

Duggan complete with 2×4 (Image courtesy of

Ah, Jim Duggan. Few will claim he’s their favourite superstar from WWF history but there are few things more iconic from the mid-80s-early 90s period in WWF than Duggan marching to the ring complete with “hooooooooooooo” chants and his trusty 2×4.

Sure he was a comedy act fan favourite but everyone remembers the 2×4, especially when it was deployed in order to clear the ring of various heels at the time. It even made its return when Duggan did at the Royal Rumble 2012.

4 Jimmy Hart’s Megaphone

Hart is almost as synonymous for the megaphone as Jim Cornette was for his tennis racket. A mainstay by his side as the various members of his stable tried to topple the top WWF faces including Hulk Hogan and The Big Boss Man. Perhaps the biggest assist of the megaphone was in aiding The Nasty Boys to win the WWF Tag Title at Wrestlemania 7 from Hart’s former team The Hart Foundation.

3 The Mountie’s Shock Stick

Perhaps Jacques Rougeau’s ‘Mountie’ gimmick perfectly sums up the world of the early 90s WWF. They take a very talented in-ring performer who had achieved considerable success with as a tag team with his brother and turned him into corrupt member of The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

He would boast of being able to “always get his man” and things got even sillier when the real Royal Canadian Mounted Police threw their toys out of the pram resulting in the announcers stating “This man does NOT represent the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!”

Anyway, as for the shock stick, that was part of his post-match shtick where he would “shock” his opponents after defeating them. This led up a IC title rematch against Roddy Piper – who Rougeau had lost the strap to after a 2 day reign at the Royal Rumble 1992 – with The Mountie’s attempt to use the cattle prod foiled when Piper revealed a rubber vest under his t-shirt and would win the match by using the shock stick on The Mountie. A rubbish pay off? Sure, but growing up watching the WWF during this time period I couldn’t not include it.

2 Cornette’s Tennis Racket

James E. Cornette is as well remembered for his tennis racket as he was for his association with The Midnight Express and his garish outfits. It is difficult to locate an image where Cornette isn’t carrying the racket that he often used to ensure that his stable of heels won their matches with the implication being that the racket case was loaded.

The use of the racket was largely in NWA before joining the WWF in 1993. Cornette is rightly regarded as one of the best talkers in wrestling history and his association with The Midnight Express is legendary. So too was the presence of the loaded racket in his hand and his hatred for Vince Russo.

1 Honky’s Guitar

Sure, the whole guitar thing because watered down with Jeff Jarrett and even New Jack using it but what an impact it had when Honky used it over the head of opponents. Just ask Jake Roberts about the damage a guitar shot can make!

What gave it that extra appeal was the period that it was being used. This was before guys were put through tables week in, week out or smashed over the head with a chair on every show. Heck, it was at the same time as blood on Brutus Beefcake’s face was actually censored out on WWF television. The result? It made each guitar shot more significant and not just ten a penny. Ah, changed days.


Honourable mentions – Owen Hart’s Slammys, Mr Fuji’s cane, Bossman’s night stick, Lawler’s crown, Paul E. Dangerously/Heyman’s phone, IRS’s briefcase and Head

5 Mr Perfect’s Towel

Mr Perfect Curt Hennig holding his towel (Image courtsey of

Mr Perfect Curt Hennig holding his towel (Image courtsey of

A slightly random pick considering the many other items I could have picked, but it’s my list, not yours! He had that cocky look on his face, a swagger in his step and he chewed gum on his way to the ring, but the icing on the cake was his wee towel throw. The towel genuinely was completely inanimate, I can’t ever recall him using it to his advantage, but it did add to his cocky aura. Think about it this way, if you were going to dress up as Mr Perfect then one of the first things you would source is a small, white towel.

4 Jim Cornette’s Tennis Racquet

For some reason this just annoyed me, and considering Cornette was usually a heel I guess that’s a good thing. The racquets sole purpose was to be used to hit his team’s opponents, I mean at least Mr Fuji pretended that he needed his cane to walk. What really irked me though was the fact that it was a really shit racquet, and he kept the cover on it! It’s one of the reasons I loved to hate Cornette, I mean why did he not just carry a baseball bat?!

3 Jimmy Hart’s Megaphone

As if Jimmy Hart didn’t attract enough heat, he also used a megaphone. It was mainly used for it’s actually purpose, to amplify Hart’s rather annoying, high-pitched voice. We would hear him encouraging his charges and taunting their opponents, while occasionally it was used as a weapon. That megaphone helped to draw a lot of heat.

2 Honky’s Guitar

Can you imagine The Honky Tonk Man without his guitar? It doesn’t really work does it? Honky was the heel you loved to hate, and we loved nothing more than seeing him get smashed over the head with his own guitar. Sure, Jeff Jarrett carried an axe too, and probably used it more often, but for me The Honky Tonk Man was the original jerk with a guitar.

1 The Undertaker’s Urn

Paul Bearer holding the urn from which The Undertaker drew mysterious powers (Image courtesy of

Paul Bearer holding the urn from which The Undertaker drew mysterious powers (Image courtesy of

The king of all inanimate objects! Well, apart from an inanimate carbon rod. Every item on this list can be used as a blunt instrument to clobber your opponent with. Some also boast the secondary function of being able to draw heat to a performer. However The Undertaker’s urn is the only object that boasts supernatural powers! It is a mysterious vessel which has been used to add spice to many a feud, most recently against CM Punk and perhaps most notoriously against Kama, who melted it down and turned it into a chain. Not just a prop, the urn was an extension of The Undertaker character.

Think we’ve missed someone? Leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Top Five Foreign Objects in Wrestling

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  2. I’d include JJ’s shoe, Sullivan’s spike, Abby’s fork and Lawler’s fireball.
    Honky and Jarrett were good but nobody did guitar shots like Billy Joe Travis!


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