One Chance to Make a First Impression: A Wrestlers Wasteland


Brian Damage

So a wrestler gets a gimmick…gets vignettes to trumpet his/her arrival with the company….and has a match…or two. Then, out of nowhere, is either dropped or barely used. They enter a wasteland where certain wrestlers go when “creative” or a booker has nothing for them or changes their mind on a character. Sure, we can say…”Well at least they are collecting a paycheck.” That might be true, but if you ask the wrestlers themselves…I’m positive a majority would rather be out in the ring entertaining fans. Continue reading

The Casualties of (Monday Night) War: ECW


Brian Damage

“Unfortunately, in war, there are casualties…”– John O. Brennan

Few fans can argue that one of the greatest eras in pro wrestling history was the well documented…Monday Night Wars between the WWE and WCW. Television ratings, pay per view buy rates and guaranteed contracts skyrocketed like never before. Wrestlers would jump ship from promotion to promotion with bigger pay checks being handed out like candy. Vince McMahon and Ted Turner spending millions just to get the advantage in the ratings that came out every Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading

Cool Vs Evil: Will The Real Heels Please Stand Up


Brian Damage

There was a time in wrestling when you knew the difference between the good guys (baby faces) and the bad guys (Heels) A time when fans hated the chicanery of a really well played heel. They had the ability to not only make you hate them…but root for any baby face willing to stop them. A great heel could cause a riot in an arena. A great heel would need 24/7 security because angry fans would try to cause them bodily harm. They’ve been spit on, garbage thrown at them…even stabbed. That was the essence of a great wrestling heel from yesteryear. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon – Who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title?

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Russ Morgan

Unusually for WWE a new champion was crowned a week ago yet we are still no clearer on future challengers and feuds. With Daniel Bryan still injured and John Cena still licking his wounds from Summerslam, today the team discuss who’s next on Brock Lesnar’s hit list. Are there babyfaces primed and ready to challenge The Beast in the coming months? Continue reading