This Week in Wrestling 2019 Week 35

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 35th of 2019. Today Brian discusses the frustrations with WWE’s tag team division and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.


Tag Team Turmoil

This past week on Raw, the makeshift tag team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode won a tag team turmoil match. In doing so, Ziggler and Roode became the number 1 contenders to challenge for the Raw tag team titles. Their opponents and the current champions, are another makeshift tag team of Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins. Does anybody else see something wrong with this whole picture?

With all the great, established tag teams the WWE has on their roster…why are these two “teams” wrestling each other for the tag titles? Look, I am happy that Roode is actually being utilized after weeks of being dormant and only used in the 24/7 championship segments. He is just too good not to use. Dolph Ziggler has always been a quality hand in the company as well. It just seems, like this team was put together on the fly with absolutely no real reason behind the unification.

The team then actually goes on to win the match and become the top contenders for the titles. I am all for Raw being less predictable and all that, but in this particular case, I can’t help but wonder what a waste it is for all the other tag teams in the division. With such established teams like the Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery, the B Team, The Revival, Lucha House Party and others…why book Ziggler and Roode into that?

There are so many other options the company could have gone with like the Authors of Pain, the Street Profits and heck even the Ascension (where are they anyway?) Having an underutilized team like the aforementioned would have done wonders for them. Instead we got RooDolph winning the whole thing. I have read several reports that Vince McMahon is not a real fan of tag team wrestling. That may or may not be true, but after this past few weeks I am starting to really believe that.

There is absolutely no reason at all why a real tag team couldn’t be pushed into the spotlight. Look, Ziggler and Roode might end up being a really great team, but at least develop them a little before throwing them out to the wolves. WWE has a bad history of just throwing singles wrestlers together for brief amounts of time. I have no problem with it occasionally to further a storyline. It just happens way too often with Vince.

When I look back at all the great tag teams the WWF/WWE has had, I think of teams like Demolition, The Islanders, The Hart Foundation, Edge and Christian, the Hardys…etc. Does anybody remember the mashed up teams like the 123 Kid and Bob Holly or the unstoppable team of Drew McIntyre and Matt Hardy? Enough with the odd couple pairings and give the division and its fans real teams that are not thrown together at the last minute.

    All Out Predictions

AEW World Championship – Chris Jericho vs Adam “Hangman” Page

While making the younger Adam Page the first ever AEW world champion makes sense…I believe Chris Jericho wins it.

Kenny Omega vs Pac

This was originally slated to be Omega vs Jon Moxley, but I think Pac will add so much more to the match. Pac hates to lose and Omega is a true team player…so I see Pac winning here.

AEW Womens World Championship Unveiling

AAA Tag Team Championship – Ladder Match Lucha Bros (c) vs The Young Bucks

This should be a phenomenal match up. I predict the Lucha Brothers will retain.

Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy Vs. SCU

I think the two boys and the wrestling dinosaur wins this one over So Cal Uncensored.

Cody (w/TBD) vs Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard)

Another solid match on paper and could be a blood bath to boot. Shawn Spears needs this victory more than Cody, so I pick Shawn Spears to win.

Hikaru Shida vs Riho

Admittedly, still not all too familiar with these women. So if I had to guess, I’ll go with Riho. Again, just a guess.

Winner gets 1st Round Bye in Tag Tournament Best Friends vs Dark Order

The Dark Order is my pick in this contest. Should be a good match.

Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc vs Joey Janela

This could be a very wild and violent match. My pick is for Darby Allin to be victorious.

Pre Show 21 Women Casino Battle Royale to determine 1 half of Inaugural Womens Title Match

Why oh why do I see Brandi Rhodes winning this thing?


On paper this looks to be an excellent and stacked card. I do expect to see some surprises and story development leading up to AEW’s show on TNT in October.

Picture Gallery

Edge is looking rather shredded these days. Perhaps getting himself in ring shape to get his hands on some of that Saudi Arabian money? 😉

Are you getting ready for the Wednesday Night Wars?

Interesting book for a child…

Well, someone is a really big fan of Chris Jericho. He also must not be a fan of dating either.

Cody Rhodes getting ripped for the ‘All Out’ pay per view.

Charlotte Flair hanging with Andrade and Rush acting very TRANQUILO

An awesome drawing of Bam Bam Bigelow by an artist named Franklin O’Neal

It’s close to 30 years later and just now…Kevin Nash is starting to look like Oz

Finn Balor married Vero Rodriguez this past week.

A young Billie Kay and Tenille Dashwood

Tylene Buck formerly known as Major Gunns in WCW

Sasha is back…Bank on it!

Bayley all dolled up

Lacey Evans

The women of Impact Wrestling

Lilian Garcia looking good.

Very cool



Video Gallery

A very cool ad for Smackdown on FOX this October.

An oldie, but goodie! A GI Joe commercial featuring Sgt. Slaughter.


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