Wrestling With Sin: 357

Brian Damage

This is the 357th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involve such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series, I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Seeing Red

In the Summer of 1986, the UWF ran an angle where ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert brought in a Russian faction to invade the promotion. The faction consisted of Gilbert, Ivan and Nikita Koloff and a wrestler by the name of Korstia Korchenko. Standing at 6’4 and weighing well over 320 pounds…Korchenko had the look of a professional wrestler. The problem was, Korstia Korchenko was not as skilled in the ring as his “Russian” brethren.

Before a show that was scheduled for Jackson, Mississippi, Korchenko allegedly held up promoter Bill Watts for more money. Watts demanded that Korchenko make the trip from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to the event or Watts threatened to make sure Korchenko never found work in wrestling again. After a heated phone conversation, Korchenko agreed to make the trip to Mississippi. Watts booked himself against Korchenko that evening.

When the match started, Watts took Korchenko down to the mat and immediately began to stretch Korchenko in painful holds. Watts legitimately brutalized the much more inexperienced Korchenko. The match ended on a count out, when Korstia Korchenko hobbled to the back, grabbed his bags, got in his car and drove away. It was the last match Korchenko would ever have in the UWF and only wrestled a handful of matches after that incident.

Bedtime Story

Ligero aka Simon Musk was a wrestler who competed for the NXT UK brand. He is an 18 year veteran who has competed all over the world. In June of 2020, Ligero was accused of sexual assault by a female wrestler named Violet O’Hara. According to O’Hara’s story, Ligero was sharing a hotel room with her with Ligero sleeping on the floor, while Violet had the bed. Ligero claimed he couldn’t sleep on the floor, so she allowed him to share her bed. Ligero then allegedly started groping O’Hara without her consent.

Ligero vehemently denied the allegations and posted this statement on Twitter before deactivating his account…“The current story that has been released by Violet O’Hara/Claire-Michelle Oldfield is neither accurate nor true. This is a completely false allegation and whilst I’ve done other things in my life that I deeply regret, this isn’t an accurate or truthful portrayal of events. This is something I strongly deny and is something I’ve been in the process of speaking to a legal team about.”

Other female wrestlers came out and accused Ligero of sending them unwanted, inappropriate tweets….which Ligero admitted to. He said…“Regarding the other statements from people like Laura, Natalie who have spoken out about the way they were made to feel, and others that have come forward about unwanted messages, I have no excuse. It’s inappropriate, it’s an embarrassment and it’s an absolute shameful way to act from someone in a position of trust. I sincerely apologise for my actions and any hurt I’ve caused. This is something I strongly deny and is something I’ve been in the process of speaking to a legal team about. I have no justification of my actions in the slightest. In these situations, I have failed people as a friend, as a fiancée and as a decent human being.”

WWE would release Ligero from his contract soon after the allegations were made against him.

Not Very Credible

Peter Polaco aka Justin Credible has been accused of taking multiple bookings, getting advanced payment for said bookings and then no showing the events. It allegedly happened a few times including a show for an indie promotion and an appearance at a toy store. Polaco gave numerous excuses as to why he no showed the events such as getting into a car accident, fighting with his wife…etc. When promoters called him out on social media, Polaco then blocked them.

The accusations of Polaco stiffing event promoters out of money, led to fans telling stories of their experiences dealing with the wrestler. Some have accused Polaco of taking their money for Justin Credible merchandise and never receiving what they ordered. As of this writing, Polaco has yet to address the accusations against him.

Holy MAT-rimony

In 2010, Hulk Hogan married his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel in a private ceremony on Hogan’s Florida property. During the wedding, a photographer snuck onto the property and began snapping pictures of the couple. Someone who was doing security for the event spotted the photographer and approached him. In a scene straight out of a pro wrestling booked wedding…the photographer put his forearm into the guard’s throat and said he was carrying a gun. Police had to be called and surprisingly no arrests were made from the scuffle.

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6 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: 357

  1. So I know I’m not the only to point this out, but it bears repeating after seeing this wedding picture, but how eerie and gross is it that Hulk’s wife looks A LOT like his daughter Brooke? Like A LOT!
    He gives me the same creepy incestous vibes as Trump & his weird relationship with this daughter as there’s many instances photo-wise & comment-wise about his how much he wants to bang Ivanka.
    Getting the same vibes here with Hogan marrying a dead-ringer for Brooke. Again, I know I’m not the only to have pointed this out, so I can’t even imagine how often the same thought or realisation has to have crossed Brooke’s mind as well, no matter how brief.

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